A Brief History

I have been in the car business for around 5 years now after spending around 16-17 years in retail stores, much of which was spent in management. After trying to decide what career I wanted to persue, a buddy of mine talked me into trying it out and I've been doing it ever since. I've met alot of people and sold a lot of cars in the short time I've been in the car business.

You might be wondering how I obtained the name "The Fist Pump Guy". It came about primarily because of some local dealership commercials that we shot. I had started doing a fist-pump while finishing my lines and after doing this for a few commercials people started talking about it. So, when I started trying to figure out a way to market myself "The Fist Pump Guy" came up.

In a business that is ever growing and becoming ever more competitive it is very important to be able to set yourself apart from everyone else. That's why I started "The Fist Pump Guy" campaign. After being fairly successful selling cars I needed a new outlet to draw in new business and to set myself apart from all others. I am embracing the part and going to take it as far as I can. I welcome all new business and re-welcome all of my previous customers.

Locally Grown

I grew up in a small town not far from here. So I know a little bit about small town living. It's hard not to be just another number as you are in a bigger city. I try hard not to let that happen here. We have a very stable company and dealership that have been around a long time and we would love to bring in some new customers. So, whether you are in the area or out, "Follow The Fist Pump" to Enterprise to make your next new or pre-owned vehicle purchase.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website is directly related to Bondy's Toyota or its affiliates and does not reflect the beliefs or values of said dealership. Everything on here is by my own hand and I wasn't directed to publish anything on this site.

Words To Live By

" Your character should always reflect what you say you believe without exception"  Gary P.

"Be a leader not a follower. Always lead by example. You are more likely to have people do what you need them to if you lead them instead of pull them"

Gary P.

"Respect is earned not warranted. If you want people to respect you then you must learn to respect them"

Gary P.

About Me

First and foremost I love the Lord Jesus Christ! He comes before anyone and anything! I do all things through Him and for Him! Next, I am a family man. I love my wife and children and would do anything for them. I like selling cars but I love all these more. This is how I provide for them and would love your business.